Therapeutic Laser

A few months ago I noticed my 15 year old cat having trouble getting around. I noticed that she no longer would follow me around the house; it appeared as if she was crawling up and down the stairs and overall seemed very uncomfortable. I had brought her to Sunderland Animal Hospital to have her examined by Dr. Ellis. He did an overall exam and did notice that Misty had arthritis. At first I was a little nervous about giving her long term pain medication, but he introduced me to the Therapeutic Laser which requires no medication! He told me that the Therapeutic Laser helps with pain and inflammation. After only the first treatment I noticed that she didn’t seem to be in pain when walking around and she seemed more upbeat! I noticed her laying down and getting up with more ease only after two treatments. As I continued the treatments I noticed more and more improvement with each one. Misty is now able to go up and down the stairs with ease and she can jump on the bed with out any hesitation, which she loves.

I have definitely seen a change in her overall wellbeing. She is happier, more relaxed and much more comfortable. She no longer struggles like she did before. I would recommend this treatment to anyone that has a pet with arthritis.

 Nancy A.
Amherst MA