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Regenerative Medicine Platelet Therapy

The Sunderland Animal Hospital now offers Regenerative Medicine Platelet Therapy for your pets! If your pet has bad arthritis, tendon/ligament partial tear, or is not responding well to NSAID medications and orthopedic surgery is not preferable, then Platelet Therapy is an option for your pet. Regenerative Medicine Platelet Therapy uses your pet’s own blood and is capable of differentiating into a variety of tissue types including tendons, ligaments, bone, cartilage and muscle, to help regenerate damaged tissues, reduce pain, and decrease inflammation! Click here for more information from Companion Regenerative Therapies.

Click here to watch a video on how Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy works!

Companion Therapeutic Laser

Sunderland Animal Hospital has the new CTX Therapeutic laser to aid in our health regimen.  This healing laser is a revolutionary approach to the management of pain, wound healing and rehabilitation without the use of drugs or surgery.  This is the only unit in operation at an animal hospital in Western Massachusetts.  The therapy laser system allows your pet to heal faster after surgery or injury, eases pain, improves mobility and provides senior pets with relief from aches and pains.

Our therapeutic laser offers cutting-edge technology that speeds healing and relieves pain through the release of endorphins and by stimulating the injured cells to heal at a faster rate.  The therapeutic laser also reduces inflammation, increases blood flow to the area, reduces fibrous tissue formation and improves nerve function.  The therapeutic laser can be used for health problems such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, skin problems, ear infections, wounds, degenerative joint disease, insect bites and stings, lacerations, cystitis, burns, gingivitis, and other conditions.

Click here for customer feedback on the Therapeutic Laser.

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Payment Options

Sunderland Animal Hospital offers CareCredit in addition to accepting MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and Apple pay. You can be instantly approved in-hospital. Care Credit offers monthly payment options for any procedures, from wellness to emergency surgery.

Twice Yearly Wellness Exams

Consistent with our commitment to your pet’s health, we are recommending a 6-month wellness program for all of our patients. Why? Just because your pet appears healthy on the outside does NOT mean they are healthy on the inside. A physical examination once a year for your pet is the same as you seeing your doctor once every 7 years! Twice-yearly physical examinations help detect significant health issues which can occur in a short period of time, such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and metabolic disease. With a complete physical examination every 6 months and routine blood screens, we can detect, treat and potentially even prevent health problems before they become life-threatening.
For additional information, click here.

Hear Dr. Ellis on the radio!

Dr. Ellis on the radio at Bear Country 95.3Did you know that you can hear Dr. Ellis on the radio station Bear 95.3? On Thursdays from 8:30-9:00 am, Dr. Ellis answers caller questions about their pets and gives great pet advice. For more information or to hear clips of Dr. Ellis’ most recent shows, click here.


The RiverIf you have listen to 93.9 or 101.5 The River you have probably heard of Monte.  Well Monte and Dr. Ellis have paired up to do weekly show called Heavy Petting.  If you would like to expand your knowledge in the animal kingdom click here to check out some segments and enjoy a few laughs.

Order items for your pet online

Shop online - Sunderland Animal HospitalSunderland Animal Hospital has  formed a partnership with Vets First Choice, a home delivery company of both prescription and non-prescription items. Because manufacturers sell directly to Vets First Choice, all products have the manufacturer’s guarantee, just as if you were buying them at the Animal Hospital. Vets First Choice works directly with our veterinarian to ensure customer satisfaction, and provides you the ease and convenience of ordering online. In this way, SAH is able to broaden our inventory and provide a wider range of products. Click the “Shop Online Now!” icon to visit the Vets First Choice Store.

We are excited to offer Young Again Pet Food here at SAH. But, you can now also order online! Ordering is easy and convenient and orders over $30.00 qualify for FREE Shipping! If it is your first time ordering online, be sure to enter our special code SUNDERLAND to receive 10% off! Simply click the logo to the left to start your order today.